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The Communications Committee is established under the leadership of the Pastoral Council to improve and maintain parish communication and to coordinate communication strategies. The committee's broad objective is to keep all parishioners informed and regularly updated on events in our parish community. Our Communications Committee exists to help improve parish communication tools (bulletin, website, voicemail, e-mail, blogging, etc.) and content as new communication strategies and technologies emerge. Our role is to:

- convey parish news, activities, and events effectively, efficiently, and economically to all parishioners.
- provide methods by which information regarding the on-going activities of the parish is made available to all parishioners.
- serve as the medium through which parish activity may be communicated to all parishioners.

The Communications Committee is actively recruiting volunteers now. We need your help. Some of the areas needing input are illustrators, graphic artists (PhotoShop, PaintPro), editors, etc. We are particularly interested in recruiting parishioners with knowledge, experience, or interest in Joomla and website management. Parishioners with experience in any written, audio, or visual communication method are needed. No advanced technical expertise is required, but a willingness to learn and a sense of journalism are especially appreciated.

Lloyd Sandell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cheryl Berger

Communications Committee Files;

Draft Parish Website Policy, 3/28/2011 Draft

Archdiocese Policies on Electronic Communications (websites and e-mail)

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