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 Library hours:  (Room 7)

Friday:          noon - 4 PM

 Sunday         9AM -3:30  


  Saturdays     Need volunteers 

  Email the librarian (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you wish to volunteer or need     information.

The library has many new books for both children and adults.  If you require a special topic or book either email me or stop in the library on Friday or Sunday.

There will be Lenten devotion books on the bottom shelf of the free book shelf for you to  use and return after Lent if you no longer need them.

  Many people have phone #'s that have been disconnected or unable to send a notice by mail because the name written on the card is illedgible.

All Dvd's are due back in one week.  Childrens books, biographies and fiction books are due back in 2 weeks.

Please write your name and phone number. on the card.  You may use 2 lines..

 There are new books in the library.  They are in the middle section of the stack closest to the door.  Please come investigate!


3 DVD's are missing!! In case they grew legs please, HELP them to the library return box outside the Faith Formation office! 

 If you would like the library open another afternoon during the week besides Friday and Sunday please email the library of your need.  The email is in the bulletin.

 Thank you  for all the donated books.

We will be delivering more of your donated paperbacks to the food bank this week.  We will make another delevery in


 We will continue to accept paperbacks for the local foodbanks and shelters.

 If you have any DVD's that have to do with saints or other religious subjects that are in good condition we would be grateful for the donation. We would ,also, like family appropriate DVD's  that are in good condition.  Thanks to all that have donated books, CD's and DVD's.


We would like you to use the program"Formed" and will not be ordering any new materials for the library to encourage you to use the program while we have it. It has great content and for those of you that have the internet please give it a try.  If you don't have access to it we still have plenty of books, CD's and DVD's for you.





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