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Holy Trinity

As you visit our site, you will see that we are a devoted parish offering many opportunities for people to live out their Catholic Christian faith. There are activities and organizations for people of every age and almost every interest. Our parish ministries could not be successful without a tremendous commitment of time, talent and treasure by our parish members and dedicated staff.

This page highlights a few of the hundreds of parishioners who donate their time and talents to make our parish a successful image of Christ in the world. As time permits we will create more profiles of individual parishioners and the ministries they support and post them here. Check back often.

Music Ministry 1998-2012

Ladies Guild at Holy Trinity

Music Ministry 2012- 2015

Holy Trinity's Environmental Committee

Holy Trinity's Hispanic Ministry

Holy Trinity's Social Justice Commission

Holy Trinity's visiting Priest Fr. Dave Gese

Holy Trinity's Faith Formation Teacher Emeritus

Holy Trinity's Lector Coordinator

Holy Trinity's Deacon Henry

Holy Trinity's Parish Administrator

Holy Trinity's Young Volunteers

Holy Trinity's Building Committee

Serving and Sharing at Holy Trinity

Knight in Holy Trinity’s council

Legion of Mary Legionnaire

The Divine Mercy Novena

The life of a Deacon or "servant of all"

Music Ministry Present

Father Henry Hernando

“Mr. Everywhere"

Parish Library

Chief Photographic Officer

Master Mover and Motivator

All that and then some

Our new deacon




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