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What is a Vocation?

A Vocation is how you respond to God's call; your vocation can either be "State of Life" or "Professional".

State of life vocations include: being Single, Married, Vowed Religious, the Deaconate, and the Priesthood.

Professional vocations regard the job or career you have. Whether you are an unskilled Laborer or a Rocket Scientist, God can use you where you are.

Remember that sometimes your vocation is both state of life and professional. Some orders (Vowed Religious) are mostly all one profession: The Jesuits are professors or teachers.

Join us on Fridays at 6 PM in the Fr Erny Chaple to pray for vocations.


See the following resources for Vocation Awareness Week (Nov 2-8, 2014) and in the upcoming months:

  1. National Vocation Awareness Week Resources: Serra USA has many wonderful resources for your parish/school at
  2. New Web Pages: Please visit this link to the USCCB vocation web page: there are many helpful resources here for men and women discerning and for parents and teachers. ( is also an excellent resource to visit.)
  3. Quo Vadis Days: Quo Vadis will take place June ??? at Camp Don Bosco. This camp is free (sponsored by the Serra clubs) and for discerning young men ages 13-18. Posters and registration materials will be sent out to parishes after the New Year.
  4. Monthly Discernment Nights: Please visit our Archdiocesan Vocation webpage to see the updated dates/locations of our monthly discernment nights in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver.
  5. Annual Catholic Appeal Speakers: The majority of funding for seminarian education comes from the ACA collection. I have encouraged seminarians to make themselves available to the parishes of the Archdiocese to express their gratitude and to speak on vocations. Please invite a seminarian you know to come and present for a weekend. If you need assistance with this please contact the vocation office for help.
  6. World Day for Consecrated Life is Sunday Feb. 5th: Celebrate and invite a Religious Sister or Brother serving in the Archdiocese to give a presentation at your parish on religious life. Please contact the Vocation Office if you need contact information.
  7. World Day of Prayer for Vocations April 29th: Resources will be coming soon.
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