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For many years now our parishioners have been blessed by being able to light a votive candle for their prayer intentions in the Marian alcove. We would like to offer some reminders about “votive candle etiquette” so that all of us may continue to enjoy the benefits of this devotional practice:


  • · Please allow our sacristans time to fill the votive cups with candles before the 8:00am Sunday mass and in between the other Sunday masses. This is only one of their responsibilities, so please be patient.
  • · If all the candles have been lit, please do not blow them out to relight them for your own prayer intention.

  • · Please do not go into the sacristy looking for candles to fill an empty cup. Our sacristans must remove the little metal disks before adding a new candle. If this is not done the heat from two metal disks in the cup causes the glass to break.

  • · Although we appreciate offers of help from our parishioners, our sacristans are the ONLY ONES ALLOWED to replace the candles and cups due to our concern that you avoid burning yourself or cutting yourself on broken glass. This is also a liability issue for the parish.

  • · In consideration of your fellow parishioners, we ask you to perhaps light only one candle for your intentions so as to allow others to do the same at the busiest times of usage. Remember, you can also light candles during the week as the church is open.

  • · Please monitor your children around our candle stands. Do not allow them to play with the sticks or the votive candles. This is a critical safety issue requiring your vigilance at all times.

We ask for your cooperation in following these guidelines and for your kindness and consideration toward your fellow parishioners. Thank You!

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