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Solemn Adoration & Benediction at Holy Trinity Parish


Jesus is waiting for us in this Sacrament of Love
“In the sacred Host, He is present, the true treasure, always waiting for us. Only by adoring this Presence do we learn how to receive Him properly.”


All are invited. We are pleased to welcome you to this section of our website devoted to Solemn Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament. We hope you fall in love with Jesus and choose to spend time with him alone in prayer.

What is First Friday Solemn Adoration?
Solemn Adoration is a Eucharistic devotion whereby members of the parish unite on taking an hour of adoration before the Most Blessed Sacrament for 6 hours of each First Friday of the month. We would like to invite you to become an adorer, one who spends an hour before the Blessed Sacrament. The Most Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a special vessel called a monstrance, which comes from the Latin word, monstrare, meaning "to show". (Persons who dedicate at least an hour monthly are called adorers and they form the backbone of Solemn Adoration)

History on Solemn Adoration & Benediction at Holy Trinity Parish.
A special 4 hours of Adoration on June 4, 2015, was held on the Feast of Corpus Christi and in solidarity with Pope Francis began the Hour of Mercy. On that day 63 parishioners came to adore our Lord. On July 3, 2015, our first 6 hours of Friday Adoration brought in 73 parishioners throughout our community which culminated with Benediction. Monthly Adoration with Benediction continues every First Friday of the month. On March 4, 2016, to March 5, 2016, we held our Parish first 24 hours of Solemn Adoration whereby 115 parishioners and non-parishioners attended.

How to be an adorer
Each hour of the day on First Friday is assigned to two committed adorers so that there is always an adorer present throughout the entire hour period in which the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. Those interested in becoming an adorer must complete a form found in the church/chapel and drop it in the basket.
Solemn Adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament rests upon the love and devotion of our adorers who come to their assigned hour in the chapel every month. The leaders of Solemn Adoration are committed adorers, and they take on the added responsibility of making sure there are no hours left unattended. Even in inclement weather, leaders ensure there is an assigned adorer present in prayer, mediation or contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament. To all our adorers and leaders, our Guardians of the Eucharist, we offer you sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude. When adorers and substitute adorers come to the chapel, they sign in. Hourly rotation takes place at the top of the hour. Adorers are given a miniature Monstrance pin that identifies the wearer as adorer of Solemn Adoration. They are asked to wear their pin when they come to chapel; but they may also wear them anytime for the purpose of evangelizing. Adorers who wear their pin help attract others who may have interest in forming a relationship with Jesus but who may need the guidance of a friend or a simple invitation. There is a rule of silence in our chapel. We try to provide everyone in the chapel with the most reverent and intimate experience with Jesus, Our Lord. Our Faith teaches and we believe that the Eucharist is the real presence, the body, blood soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, Our Savior. All of our actions in the chapel should both reflect and demonstrate the reverence of the presence our Lord. If one is able, It is customary to kneel on both knees before the Lord or to genuflect with the right knee when entering the chapel. Those with limited mobility offer other appropriate reverence upon entering the chapel, eg.: a deep bow. It is a privilege to be able to spend time with Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, a privilege available to us during the up coming 24 hours of special Solemn Adoration on March 3, 2017, to March 4, 2017. Think about this. When you go to bed at night, one or more of our precious adorers is keeping watch with Our Lord at every hour and we are all being blessed because of their faithfulness in prayer. Let us also keep in mind that above all else, Our Blessed Mother wants us to help bring all hearts to the Sacred Heart of Her Son, Jesus. By your committed “yes” you have kept the doors open for all hearts to enter in. For this act of selfless love, you will experience blessings in abundance for your faithfulness in prayer, and the joys of the Kingdom of heaven where you will praise God for eternity with the Angels and Saints.
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